Case Study: Perks Loyalty

Case Study: Perks Loyalty

Sector: Retail/Loyalty

Perks is a digital loyalty management solution. The users are able to find loyalty schemes for brands in their location .

The Challenge

  • Provide Customers with digitaly engaging loyalty scheme
  • Allow users to view loyalty schemes and Promotions close by
  • Create a personal relationship with customers
  • Free Marketing and therefore improving social media presence
  • Track customer usage to collate analytics

The Solution

Perks is a cross platform digital loyalty scheme, a place for customers to store points & rewards. The customer app finds loyalty schemes for brands in the users location, customers can easily check in at a venue and redeem or spend their rewards. The Merchant app allows shop owners to reward their customers that have started earning points or stamps. The check in feature on the customers app enables the cashier to address them by name to add a more friendly transaction.

Our digital solution also allows owners to collect statistics such as; Top Customers, Promotion opening rates, Most popular perks, and Peak times. Therefore enabling the merchant to target particular customers with more specific promotions and digital offers dependant on what they have shown interest in and what they have redeemed.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved social media presence
  • Owners are now able to identify key customer analytics resulting more efficient targeting of customers