Case Study: Leeds Tourist Information Centre

Case Study: Leeds Tourist Information Centre

Sector: Tourism / Travel

The Leeds Visitor Centre is the only tourist information centre in the city centre of Leeds. Strategically situated at the busiest train station in the north, Leeds Railways stations, with over 3.2 M footfalls per month.

The Challenge

As a central point for delivering information and visitor services in the heart of the city key requirement was to ease pressure on customer service personnel.

Key objectives were:

  • Enhance visitor experience by allowing visitors to find answers to their enquiries
  • Reduce poster printing and clutter
  • Provide and monetise casual internet access
  • Create a centre-wide digital communication tool to offer information, updates and special offers
  • Monetise A4 Printing
  • Provide out of hours information to customer

The Solution

  • Top Screen Media delivered a kiosk solution tailored to Tourist information centres so successful that it was included in Visit England’s list of preferred kiosk suppliers.
  • The kiosk was tailored to give customers easy access to information through an intuitive touch screen interface with an addition signage screen to deliver visitor information and messages.
  • The platform also enabled Leeds Visitor centre to deliver self service casual internet access and an A4 printing service to customers whilst monetising the service with minimal impact on staff at Leeds Visitor Centre.
  • By further incorporating digital and interactive advertising on the kiosks, the visitor centre was able to build strong community links by allowing advertising inclusion for local businesses.
  • A further bespoke out of hour’s kiosk solution was installed at the visitor centre to cater for the huge amount of customers arriving at Leeds Railway station looking for information after opening hours. Customers can now find information, bus times, attraction information events etc. 24/7 at Leeds Railway station.


  • Our tailored kiosk solution helped Leeds Visitor Centre to enhance visitor experience by allowing visitors to instantly find answers to their enquiries, utilise a self service casual internet and A4 printing service.
  • The monetising element of the platform also meant that Leeds Visitor Centre to achieved ROI within 8 months of operation and thereafter a significant revenue stream to the centre.
  • Based on the success in Leeds a network of tourist information centres have been successfully deployed fully indorsed by Visit England.