Case Study: Pizza Hut

Case Study: Pizza Hut

Sector: Retail

pizza-hut-touchPizza Hut is one of the most globally recognised brands with family-like support. With over 600 sites across the country the franchise is rapidly growing.

The Challenge

  • Pizza Hut aimed to market their product to customers in close proximity to their restaurants to invite impulse purchase but also to explore multichannel retailing and voucher delivery.
  • Pizza Hut were looking to drive increase footfall through the door
  • With an increasing competitive fast food market especially in shopping centres it’s important to be innovative in order to attract new customers.

The Solution

  • Top Screen Media delivered a campaign for Pizza Hut on our innovative Offerpod platform currently installed in shopping centres.
  • By utilising the Offerpod Pizza Hut could provide special offer vouchers that could be instantly scanned to phones or printed off through the Offerpod and redeemed in store.
  • This network presented an ideal customer base in shopping mode.
  • Pizza Hut managed to steal a march on their competitors and drive increased footfall and sales.


  • Our advertising platform enabled Pizza Hut to deliver and manage vouchers in real time and drive footfall and sales.
  • Over 1,800 vouchers were printed and redeemed in store.
  • After a 3 months pilot on the platform, Pizza Hut signed up for a 12 months rolling contract to utilise the Offerpod.