Case Study: Greggs Bakery

Case Study: Greggs Bakery

Sector: Retail

gregsGreggs is the leading bakery food-on-the-go retailer in the UK. With over 1500 shops, Greggs can be found on the UK’s high streets, local shopping parades and other locations where people live, work, travel and spend their leisure time.

The Challenge

  • Greggs were looking for new ways to communicate with their customers at the point of purchase to deliver useful information whilst influencing buying decisions.
  • The ambition was to deliver a shelf edge solution capable of displaying full high quality video content with an easy to update and change the displayed content instantly.
  • The main challenge was the lack of power in the desired locations and the ability to install a product with minimal footprint not to distract from the products on the shelves.

The Solution

  • Top Screen Media developed a new innovative shelf edge solution able to play high quality video content with a bespoke bracket solution tailored to Greggs shelving solution in store.
  • The delivered solution was also fully battery powered with the ability to last for a full trading day and then easily recharged at the end of the day ready for use the following day.
  • The battery mechanism was also designed to be easy to replace and maintain as well as the instant updating facility.
  • In order to reduce clutter all components where built in to one single cohesive unit with no need for cabling and separate battery packs.


  • Our shelf edge display screen enabled Greggs to achieve their marketing objective in a reliable yet stylish way.
  • The product was delivered fully configured with brackets and branding ready for deployment.