Case Study: Leeds Metropolitan University

Case Study: Leeds Metropolitan University

Sector: Higher education

Based in the thriving city of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University is one of the most popular in the country. With over 28,000 students and 2,900 staff, they are a people business and their contribution to the region and beyond is significant.

The Challenge

Leeds Metropolitan University were interested in innovative solutions to offer new services to students that improve efficiency, information delivery in a convenient and forward thinking way.

The key objectives were to:

  • To offer access to the job board, online feedback tool and housing enquiries
  • Offer access to your ticketing portal
  • Reduce poster printing and clutter
  • Offer information, updates and special offers through a centre-wide digital communication tool
  • Increase your advertising revenue by adding an interactive platform to your portfolio

The Solution

  • Top Screen Media delivered a scalable, cutting edge designed and high quality self service kiosk solution fully future proof to allow delivery of all the desired functionalities.
  • Our innovative web connected interactive kiosks delivered a tailored and bespoke design touch screen interface with dedicated buttons allowing access to specific services directly benefiting the students.
  • By combining the platform with a separate digital advertising screen messages could easily be displayed to students in real time.


  • The TopScreen Kiosk enabled Leeds Metropolitan Student Union to deliver useful information, increase commercialisation and promote offers that can be instantly acted upon whilst building community links with local businesses.
  • It also helped to provide the opportunity to access job boards, receive feedback from students further enhancing the student experience.