Facial & Emotion Recognition in Retail

Why is emotion recognition important?

An estimation of emotional responses from your audience or customers is essential for optimising and improving their experiences. The mood levels can be measured throughout the shopping process; before, during and after a purchase. This technology can also be used to measure the reactions of different people exposed to content such as when looking at digital screens.

  • Market research: study facial expressions in qualitative testing
  • Digital advertising: measure the emotional response of customers towards your advertising content
  • Customer service: improve customer service based on the emotional response of customers

Case Study


Fashion Retail
Adidas invest heavily in marketing and advertising in reseller stores and wanted to analyse and measure the impact of their investment.


• No data or means to measure campaign performance
• No understanding of product placements efficiency
• No data about which adverts are most popular
• No demographic or emotion data


• TSM facial recognition and emotion recognition solution
• TSM real-time analytics platform
• Installed at shop windows to evaluated views and most successful advertising locations
• Installed on screens instore to analyse emotion and demographics of customers
• Installed at specific product areas to evaluate most viewed products


• Identified advertising campaign performance and benchmarked and compared against multiple outlets
• Identified best product placement for hero products based on customer views, emotion, dwell time and attention
• Full data overview of successful adverts and less successful advert broken down in to detailed demographics data including customers attention time
• Customer engagement Peak times during the day, week and overall
• Global Emotion detection across all researched