Point of Sale Kiosk

The TopScreen Pod enhances the shopper experience and helps to develop a closer relationship with your customers in a measurable and accountable way to help build loyalty.


  • Low cost and can be installed in minutes
  • No WIFI, Broadband or cabling needed
  • Remote Control of screen via PC/Web from anywhere in ANY country
  • Turn Promotions ON/OFF in minutes
  • Your messages played out guaranteed
  • 100% compliance, no Merchandiser required
  • Green & Energy Ecient using the equivalent of a 100W bulb
  • Engage customers by oering promo codes or text-to-win competitions
  • Displays are simple, eective and we have extensive research to show how they assist sales
  • Additional bespoke features available such as RFID & contactless options

Additional Areas of Use

  • Start communication and training as they enter the shop oor and before the store opens
  • Welcome information as customers enter the store
  • Products, service and category messaging on display stands
  • Communicate with passing audience after hours.